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Adult Grief Support Program Forest picture

Hospice Huntsville offers two grief support programs a year, led by trained hospice facilitators. These seven week peer support programs are designed to help an individual cope with the loss of a loved one. The sessions take place in the spring and fall. There is no charge for the program.
The program is intended to give people a chance to address the pain they feel upon the death of a loved one. The sessions give participants a sense of belonging and show them they are not alone in their suffering. The program allows people to share their feelings and experience healing in a small group.
Each session runs for seven weeks.
Referrals are welcome throughout the year
The next session will take place in the Spring 2018


Children’s Support Program 

Do you know a child who has lost someone or something close to them?

Do you know a child dealing with the difficult emotions associated with grief?

 Do you know a child who needs a safe place to talk about their feelings?

We are here to help

Our six week Children’s Support Program is designed to help children process grief issues due to the loss of a loved one through death, divorce,  separation, or the loss of something they treasured, giving them the opportunity to identify and express their feelings in a helpful way.

Our program is for elementary school age children.  It is offered as an after-school program at one of our local schools.  A light snack is provided.
Referrals are welcome throughout the year

Teen Grief Support


The Teen Grief Support group is offered in the fall of each year at Huntsville High School.
This six week program is intended to give young adults a chance to address the pain they feel as the result of a death of loved one. These small group sessions run after school.
Referrals are welcome throughout the year


Individual Support

Hospice Huntsville also offers a bereavement companion who support on a one to one basis.  It is offered during the early stages of the grief journey.  It is intended to be a safe non-judgmental place to explore thoughts and feelings in relationship to the loss of a loved one.
Trained Bereavement Companions are generally available throughout the year.


For further information on any of our grief support programs; please contact Jane Weiland, Program Coordinator at Hospice Huntsville (705) 789-6878 Ext. 200 or by email

Our services are provided at no cost to the individual

Grief Support Walking Group

 Hospice Huntsville is pleased to be expanding our Grief and Bereavement Supports with a Grief Support Walking Group. The purpose of this group is to provide participants a forum for continued fellowship, sharing with others on a similar journey.

Launching August 2016, people who have previously participated in our grief services can register to participate in a bi-weekly walking group.

Please contact Jane Weiland at 705-789-6878 ext.  200  or by email  for further information and to register.