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A Message from Bev Lashbrook, Executive Director
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Nutty Chocolatier kicks off Hospice Huntsville’s purple boot campaign with $1,500 donation
Huntsville Doppler March 14, 2020

The Nutty Chocolatier helped Hospice Huntsville kick off its annual purple boot campaign—which is part of the organization’s Hike for Hospice fundraiser—in style on Thursday, March 12, 2020.
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A huge thank you to the Rotary Club of Huntsville for their generous gift to Hospice Huntsville!

At a recent meeting, the members of the Rotary Club of Huntsville unanimously approved a contribution of $2,000 to Hospice Huntsville. Many of the Rotarians are also individual donors and continue to look for ways to support local organizations that fall in line with their six areas of focus. President Drew Markham commented, “Hospice Huntsville has done an incredible job of not only changing the discussion about compassionate end of life care, but providing that care in a thoughtful and professional manner. We are proud to continue supporting this first class organization.”  Pictured: (L-R) Tim Lutton- Rotary Club Director of Membership, Bev Lashbrook, Executive Director Hospice Huntsville, Drew Markham- Rotary Club President


A special thank you to Huntsville Oldtimers Hockey for the recent support of Hospice Huntsville!


A heartfelt thank you to the Rotary Club of North Muskoka for their generous donation to Hospice Huntsville!

The club will be supporting our Grief and Bereavement programs with a gift of $2,000. This will help us alleviate the costs of materials, supplies and resources for these programs and will allow us to continue this service to Huntsville and surrounding communities.
“When Hospice Huntsville presented the Grief and Bereavement program to the Rotary Club of North Muskoka we were immediately interested. This is a program, free of charge, that will support children process grief due to loss of loved ones. We are a small club, and unfortunately we cannot support all causes. We have focused our mandate to support children and youth in need, making this program a perfect fit. In September 2019 The Rotary Club of North Muskoka undertook a new fundraiser, PerogyFest, which allowed us to support more programs in Huntsville. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for the wonderful work they do at Algonquin Grace Hospice Huntsville!” Cara Schiedel- Rotary Club of North Muskoka President.
Pictured left to right: Sarah (Hospice Huntsville PSW), Cheryl Kinghan- Rotary Member, Cara Schiedel- Rotary President, Jim Schiedel- Rotary Member, Diane (Hospice Huntsville- RN)


The houses that sugar and love built!

3rd Huntsville Brownies joined together to create some lovely Gingerbread Houses one of which was delivered to Hospice Huntsville/Algonquin Grace Residential Hospice
Their work on these houses will go towards their Local Communities Challenge and just sharing the spirit of the holiday season
Thank you Brownies for your kindness!

How gingerbread outhouses sparked Christmas joy at Hospice Huntsville

December 12, 2019.  Muskokaregion.com

Resident at Algonquin Grace Residential Hospice in Huntsville shares family tradition to spread holiday cheer at Christmas.
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Thrilled and surprised’: Lake of Bays’ Cathy Nystrom earns June Callwood Award

November 25, 2019:  MuskokaRegion.com
Cathy Nystrom is now a Hospice Huntsville volunteer of provincial proportions.
“I was quite thrilled — and quite surprised,” the Lake of Bays resident told this newspaper. “I’m still flabbergasted. I really am.”
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