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Thank you Hunters Bay Radio!
A big thank you to Hunters Bay Radio for their generous $5,000 gift to Hospice Huntsville!
We are so grateful for your continued support – it truly helps make a difference in our community.

Public school students use bake sale to raise $427.25 for Hospice Huntsville
A BIG Thank You to the students, staff & Spruce Glen Community for all the support of Algonquin Grace Hospice Huntsville!
On February 14th, students at Spruce Glen Public School hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness & Hospice Bake Sale with pink and purple cupcakes. Spruce Glen recently had two staff members impacted by breast cancer.  They wanted to show support for their dear staff members & others who have been impacted by breast cancer in our community.
Spruce Glen students dressed in pink & purple colours for the day, created posters & the junior students ran the bake sale. The school raised $427.25 for our organization!
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Thank you Magnetawan Lions Club!
Our sincerest thank you to the Magnetawan Lions Club for your generous donation to Hospice Huntsville!
The continued support we receive from the Lions is gratefully appreciated!

A special thank you to Studio K, Karen Fish and friends for organizing the “Studio K Friends Fundraiser” The group raised $1,400 for Algonquin Grace Hospice Huntsville by selling beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry.
“This fundraiser was a way to give back to Hospice for the wonderful care they gave to my dad. We were all taking care of so wonderfully.
The kids at my studio wanted to do a fundraiser and they knew dad through the studio so we decided to donate to Hospice Huntsville in his memory. The families who come to the studio loved dad so much. He was called dad by many.  Thank you Hospice for the love and support you give to families like ours.” Karen Fish

Hospice Huntsville survey aims to improve services for the community
Do you know what Hospice Huntsville provides for our community?
The short answer, and the one most people would reply with, is end-of-life care but it’s much, much more than that.
Through a new survey, the organization hopes to better understand both how its services are understood and viewed by the community, as well as how it can better serve community members with its programs.
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When the holidays aren’t so merry: Coping with Grief
The holidays are a jolly time for many, but it can be a particularly difficult time for people who are grieving the death of loved ones.
“Grief is a normal response to a significant loss,” says Jane Weiland, program coordinator at Hospice Huntsville. “When you add in the Christmas season, we feel that everything needs to be perfect and wonderful and yet when you’re grieving, it’s not perfect and wonderful.”
Read the entire article:  https://doppleronline.ca/huntsville/when-the-holidays-arent-so-merry-coping-with-grief

Men of Grandview Benevolent Fund donates $15,000 to local charities
“It’s the right thing to do,” said Paul Guimond on behalf of the newly formed Men of Grandview Benevolent Fund. “I think anyone that’s in the position to give back has a bit of an obligation to.”
Several members of the fund were at Hospice Huntsville to present three $5,000 cheques to local organizations—Hospice Huntsville, Community Living Huntsville and the Chrysalis women’s shelter—in time for the annual Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following American Thanksgiving.
Read the entire article:  https://doppleronline.ca/huntsville/men-of-grandview-benevolent-fund-donates-15000-to-local-charities/

Difficult year on Eagle Lake leads to Friends of Almaguin Hospice
According to residents Katy Anderson, Lynne Kennedy and Lynne Edwards, the last year has been a difficult one for residents along Eagle Lake and they decided it was time to do something to help raise some awareness.
“The three of us were sitting here one day chatting and lamenting the fact that we have lost several people on Eagle Lake from about November 2017 to late summer this year,” said Anderson. “And then we got to talking about how few people seem to know about hospices and all of the services that are offered in the area.”
Read the entire article:  https://www.northbaynipissing.com/community-story/9000860-difficult-year-on-eagle-lake-leads-to-friends-of-almaguin-hospice/