Wedding Celebrations

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You can make your wedding day more meaningful by giving to Hospice Huntsville

Bridal Shower Gifts/ Wedding Gifts

Your guests can give the gift that keeps on giving. You can be make a difference in your community by your guests giving to Hospice Huntsville.

Hugs for Hospice

It’s a tradition that we have seen at almost all weddings. Guests clink their glasses for the newly wedded couple to kiss, but you can put a different spin on an old tradition. Ask your guests to make a donation to Hospice Huntsville to get you to “hug” your honey!

Wedding Favours

We all have received wedding favours that seem to collect dust or have been tucked away in a drawer. You can thank your wedding guests by giving to Hospice Huntsville. It’s a simple and thoughtful way to add even more meaning to your special day.

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