Purple Boot Campaign

In celebration of World Health Day, 2021 campaign officially launches April 7, 2021

Our annual Purple Boot Campaign is one of the fundraisers that Hospice Huntsville has for our largest fundraiser of the year, Hike for Hospice Huntsville.
The campaign is an important source of income for our organization. These bright purple boots can be seen at local businesses and organizations raising not only funds but also awareness for Hospice Huntsville. Last year we raised over $5,800 in support of our operational costs of Hospice Huntsville/Algonquin Grace Residential Hospice.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our community, we may not be able to distribute all 40 boots in our communities. That is why we are asking you to donate virtually to the Purple Boot Campaign.
Every donation we receive can continue to make a huge difference. We are asking for your help at this critical time of economic uncertainty

Thank you for supporting our Virtual Purple Boot Campaign!

Donate today:  Click here to make your Purple Boot Campaign Donation