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Volunteer Visiting Program

Hospice Huntsville provides support to Huntsville and surrounding area which includes Port Sydney, Baysville, Dwight and Dorset. Supports are available to permanent residents and those staying at their cottages or visiting for a brief stay family in the area.  

We provide support to people who have received a life limiting diagnosis, and their family. Our supports can be available from the time of the diagnosis through to end of life and bereavement. 

Hospice Huntsville Volunteer Visiting program is Accredited through Hospice Palliative Care Ontario. This can help to assure you that our supports are high quality and meets provincial best practices for palliative care. 

Our well-trained Volunteer Visitors add to your existing circle of care (family, care givers, PSW, nursing, medical etc.). They provide nonmedical supports in the comfort of your home. Their role is to support you, your caregiver(s) and family by providing companionship, emotional support, listening and practical assistance, including respite. 

Our Volunteer Visitors are thoroughly screened through an application, interview process which includes completing a Vulnerable Sector Police Check. They complete approximately 30 hours of preliminary training and orientation. Additionally, Hospice Huntsville is committed to providing regular on-going training and mentorship for our Volunteer Visitors. Along with their training, volunteers bring with them, their natural gifts, talents, and life experiences. 


To request visiting volunteer support:  

For more information, to request a Volunteer Visitor, or to make a referral, please contact 

Pam Martin, Visiting Volunteer Program Coordinator (705) 789-6878 ext. 229 or email 

Grief and Bereavement Services

Our well-trained Grief and Bereavement volunteers provide non-clinical grief support. Their role is to offer you compassionate support to you on your grief journey.  Hospice Huntsville provides support to Huntsville and surrounding area which includes Port Sydney, Almaguin Highlands, Lake of Bays area: Baysville, Dwight and Dorset. 

Adult Support

Adult Grief Groups: Seven-week groups are offered in Spring and Fall. Small groups allow participants to learn, share, offer support and gain insight into to their personal journeys. Participants should allow 3 months from the date of the death of their loved one before joining a group support program.
Next program begins in the Fall 2024. 

Contact Andrea at Hospice Huntsville for further information and registration.  Email:  Telephone: (705) 789-6878 Ext. 200

Adult Companioning: One to one support can be provided early in bereavement. Typically, six one- hour appointments are available at a schedule that works for the individual and volunteer.

Children’s Support

This six- week program is offered as an afterschool program for children who have experienced a significant loss through death or divorce/ separation. Small groups run twice per year, typically in late fall and spring.  Our program is for elementary school children.   Referrals accepted throughout the year.

The Butterfly Project:

🦋Hospice Huntsville is grateful for the generous support from The Children’s Grief Foundation of Canada for funding  “The Butterfly Project” A Tribute to Children’s Grief Awareness Day & National Grief & Bereavement Day.
The beautiful community display of butterflies have fluttered into Hospice Huntsville.

Teen Support

Referrals to this individual support can be made directly to Hospice Huntsville or through the guidance office at Huntsville High School. Working with the guidance office can facilitate support to be offered during the school day at a time that makes sense within the student’s schedule. This can help reduce transportation barriers. 

The Butterfly Project:

Thank you to Huntsville High School for their participation in “The Butterfly Project” A Tribute to Children’s Grief Awareness Day & National Grief & Bereavement Day.
The kaleidoscope of beautiful butterflies have fluttered into Hospice Huntsville.

More Information

For further information or to make a referral, please contact Andrea Cooper, Grief and Bereavement Program Coordinator (705) 789-6878 Ext. 200 or email: 

All grief support programs are at no charge to our community members.